Monday, March 12, 2007

Roll the snare

Yesterday was spent putting the finishing touches on our recording of "out there on the ice". Despite hangover I took all morning trying to record vocals. Then we found a miniature mirrorball at the back of the studio and things took on a very chicago '88 vibe. With the lights dimmed so we could barely see anything, we sat around the mixing desk rearranging the track until it had perhaps the longest breakdown and drum machine snare roll in the history of dance music. We were all jumping around going crazy to it until we got tired and collapsed back down in hysterics... and then realized it was actually a bit ridiculous and shortened it back to how it was. Thankfully the cracking snare roll managed to survive to the final recording. It's going to do some serious damage in the clubs.


Alan said...

Can't wait to hear the new record, between this and the new Justice record... oh man

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