Sunday, March 25, 2007

satellites satellites satellites

Guitar pedals over here in the States are crazy cheap. It's amazing! So Tim's been hitting ebay pretty hard. The latest in his collection is the 'shredmaster' with which he formed an instant love affair. I'm not sure whether it's because of the name or because it makes you sound like my bloody valentine. Probably both. I bought myself a 'space station' because that's how I like to roll (ie: searching for higher meanings, getting all cosmic and shit). We put the new purchases to use the other day on new tune
'satellites' sounding like '90s shoe gazer meets Jeff Lynne'... our new favorite of the recordings.


MiSZ said...
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mr.blair said...

Howdy boys - hope you're having fun in the city and recording the new stuff! Drop us a line sometime!

robot Blair / Music For Robots

kf said...

shredmaster? i really hope my girlfriend would call me that all the time.

Jayar said...

Hey is there anywhere i can find an upcoming gigs list for you lot? Coming to melb soonish and would love to catch a show if there's one on...

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh yeah that SpaceStation, I used to own one of these , very Angelic sounding pedal , hard to describe , but I do remember what it sounds like and I'm excited your using it ... with that shredmaster I can hear MBV fully .... what else are ya finding ... curious !!! LOVETONE ?? check out his stuff is tops ....

benj. said...

hey, i love your music. i buy lots of pedals from ebay, play them for a while, keep some here and there, re-sell the others...I have a digitech ex-7 right now that has a modeler of the space station's 'synth swell' setting. one of the most fun pedals i've ever played with, if by any chance you actually read this and want to hear, the track 'foxtrot' at my link herehas a cool space station sound as a background for a simple guitar track.

kronjai said...

Hey guys! I fell in love with your new single lights and music. I plan to come and see you in brooklyn in may. So my issue is that i cant find any lyrics for the song! Can you email me the lyrics?
thanks sooo much you talented soon to be stars!!
<3 Ivona kronja

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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danbreakdownradio said...

Cut Copy,

This is Dan from Salt Lake City. I'm one of the hosts of "The Breakdown" on KRCL 90.9 FM Community Radio ( We landed our show through many a subbed show and Cut Copy name-drop. We're all seniors in high school and we play something off "In Ghost Colours" almost every show!

That's where you come in.
If you ever come to Salt Lake, Utah or plan on booking a show here, don't hesitate to let us know! It would be so sick to have you come down to the studio and play a few sets!
Contact us at or

KRCL is singlehandedly ensuring Salt Lake's hipness. We're a community/volunteer-driven commercialfree radio station.

Thank you for your great music!

Dan, Cut Copy Diehard

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